Fundrasier dinner event

Some of the most amazing Mexican Chefs and Mixologist in NY.
Help re-build schools damaged by recent earthquakes in Mexico.
100% proceed will go to Global School Spirit. Limited tickets available.

On September 7th and 19th, many Mexican schools crumbled due to the magnitude of the earthquakes that hit the most impoverished regions in the country.

You can help rebuild schools in these communities with your generous donations.

A group of Mexican sponsors, led by Fundación Kaluz, will match every dollar donated with two extra dollars*.

* Up to $90,000 USD. All donations will be received by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation, who shall emit corresponding fiscal invoices.

We at Global School Spirit will make sure that all resources will be destined to these reconstruction efforts, which will benefit the most needed communities.

Urgent Causes

Please join us so we can help safeguard Mexico's future.
Help us rebuild their schools, their homes, their lives.
The people of Mexico need you!

About us

We are a group of parents, businessmen, children and young Mexicans studying abroad, worried about the future of our country. Today we are promoting Global School Spirit to help with the rebuilding and reconstruction of schools, and replacement of school equipment damaged by the earthquakes that hit us in September 2017. This initiative adds to, –and honors– the effort and solidarity shown by our society.

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- Billy Graham

When Faith and hope fail, as they do sometimes, we must try charity, which is love in action "

- Dinah Maria Mullock

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- Aldous Huxley

Recent News

Not enough inspectors to check out schools

It could be another two weeks before all students have returned to classes in the state of México because there are not enough inspectors to check the structural safety of schools in the aftermath of the September 19 earthquake.

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4 million students are without classrooms

More than two weeks after the September 19 earthquake and almost a month since last month’s first major temblor, at least 4 million students across 10 states still haven’t gone back to school because they don’t have safe classrooms to which to return.

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It will cost 13 billion pesos to rebuild schools

At least 577 schools need to be rebuilt because of the earthquakes on September 7th and 19th. Mexico’s Secretary of Public Education reported that 12, 931 schools were damaged. This will require an expenditure of 13 billion pesos. In ten states of the country only 8.1 million students have returned to classes while 8.3 million are still waiting.

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Mexico quake damage could surpass $2 billion

President Enrique Pena Nieto said Wednesday that preliminary accounting of the damage caused by the two big earthquakes that hit Mexico this month could cost upward of $2 billion (38.1 billion pesos). Pena Nieto stressed that damage assessments were continuing, especially in hard-hit Mexico City. But preliminary estimates put repairing and rebuilding schools in several states and the capital at nearly $750 million (13.6 billion pesos).

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For each dollar you give, we donate two.